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Tuesday Recital

Classical Piano Discussion

tuesday recital :: classical piano discussion
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Welcome to tuesday_recital! As a piano performance major at a liberal arts school, I decided to create this community to discuss my love of the piano with others. I chose the name because the music department at my university has its weekly student recital on Tuesday, and it's a friendly environment in which students can share their works in progress and everyone (audience members and performers) learns something.

This is a group for discussing piano in respect to the classical genre. Discussion of career goals (want to teach? want to perform?), performances (both witnessed and given), and pitfalls ("I've been working on this Bach suite for nine months and it's still a train wreck!") are highly encouraged!

This is a community for all lovers of classical piano. Don't play? Tell us about your favorite performer, about your favorite piece, about your favorite recording. Give recommendations!

A Few Guidelines

1. Keep it clean
-- Not everyone is comfortable with profanity, so let's be respectful.
2. Stay on topic -- All posts are welcome, as long as they're about classical piano. I love Billy Joel and Elton John and Dave Brubeck insanely, but let's leave them to another community.
3. Advertising is fine, but -- Let's keep all community adverts to those that are relevant to this comm.
4. No flames, no trolls -- Differences of opinion are one thing, flaming/trolling is another. You will be banned. Period.
5. Questions? -- E-mail me at furmanpiano@hotmail.com