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What would you do?

I'm giving my graduate piano recital in a couple of weeks and my teacher wanted me to get some playing in at area nursing homes/retirement communities. I called some places yesterday and lined up two concerts.

This morning I talked to the woman from the care center in SF (50 miles from where I live). She wants me to come on Sunday. I said I would, but this is what scares me. She said that hour was their "social time", it is grandparents day, and they will move the piano into the dining hall. I'm afraid it's going to be loud and no one is going to listen which will make it really unpleasant for me. The snob in me says, I'm not driving all the way to SF and back to play background music! On the other hand, it could be a great opportunity to test my concentration and memorization.

Some background information: Many years ago, I was asked to provide some music during dessert of a church dinner. It was a total disaster. The louder I played, the louder they talked and I couldn't hear myself play. When I had to give up and get my music to finish a piece, they clapped!! That's how much they were paying attention. I was so enraged that I stormed out and bit the head off of anyone who tried to thank me for playing. Vowed never to set foot in that church again. This is the church my dad served for eleven years.

How this situation is different--I have no connection to the place or anyone there, my memory is MUCH more secure, and I have low expectations going into it. Should I keep my engagement or call her back and ask for, on second thought, a time that isn't "social"? I have to decide by 5PM today, I suppose. To cancel after that would be very rude.
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