zirilein (zirilein) wrote in tuesday_recital,

Iowa Piano Competition

I just wanted to report in on a new piano competition--I know some of you in this group are very serious aspiring concert artists. The inagural Iowa Piano Competition just completed in my hometown of Sioux City, Iowa and it sounds like it was a success. I doubt it will be an annual thing but keep your eyes open. The winner was a DMA candidate at Yale but the other two semi-finalists were an undergrad and a prof. They structured it like a junior Van Cliburn competition. The first round was 30 min. solo recital, second round chamber music, and third round classical (Beethoven & Mozart) concerto. 12 pianists were invited and half were eliminated in each round. The judges were reputable. And the prize money is good! $7.5K and a return engagement the following season for winner. The orchestra isn't wonderful, but you could do worse. I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't go to any of the concerts even though I was home. Mainly I would have liked to hear the solo recitals but I wasn't home then. Otherwise, I just needed a break from music period for a couple of days! Good luck to everyone in all their endeavors!
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