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new here :)

Hi! I've been trying to find a good piano community and I haven't had any luck. Well, a little bit about me. I've taken piano lessons from my lovely mother since I was five. Then my parents split when I was seven, mom of course took her piano so I was left with nothing to practice on. I finally moved with mom a few years later and continued my lessons with her. I taught myself for a year or two, though I always asked questions about things I did not understand. In highschool, I finally made the transition to a new teacher..a college student. He was an awesome guy but he forced me to play Des pas sur la neige by Claude Debussy. I can play it just not very well at the moment. Now, I'm a freshman in college and I'm looking into some piano lessons through my school. I just hope they have room for me!

Anyways, when I was younger my mother always had on Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Cliburn, etc. I remember telling my parents I wanted to be just like Van Cliburn! Infact, I just recently purchased a biograhpy on dvd about him. (Which I watched already a total of 15 times. I just love how he plays! Amazing..simply amazing.)That's what got me into finding a community on LJ.

I'm currently enrolled in the Concert Band at Normandale Community College in Minnesota, I play clairnet...which I'm dreading tomorrow since I have to play for my prof, since I'm a new student this semester. Hopefully I'll get second chair...though first would be nice. I've been playing since 5th grade. Wow, I feel so old. Seems like it was just yestesday. So, please wish me luck for that and for finding a new piano teacher. Oh, I'm currently working on a Sonatina Op.20, No.1 by Friedrich Kuhlau and another Sonatina Op.26, No.3 by Muzio Clementi. One of those will be my audition piece once I find someone with an opening. Thank you!
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