Carolyn (polichinelle) wrote in tuesday_recital,

Book rec

Yikes, the esteemed mod hasn't shown her face in quite a while...research and practicing have been eating all my time these days. I have been reading all the posts, and am thrilled that there are new members who are trying to breathe new life into the community! Keep on truckin'...

This is just a quick drive-by post to recommend Charles Rosen's new book, Piano Notes: The World of the Pianist. I've just started it, and I'm already enthralled. His style of writing is so richly intellectual, but never daunting to read. It's basically just a general book about the piano, playing, music, etc. He has a way of saying things so that you go, "Oh, yeah, I've thought of that before!" but you've never thought to put it quite like that. He also makes some controversial claims (his thoughts on tone production particularly struck me). Anyway, this is mainly just a mess of rambling generalizations, but I highly recommend it. *thumbs up*
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