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My encounter with Richard Raymond

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I was at a music camp, and the guest artist was Richard Raymond. We had a master class with him that lasted 3 hours.
Just to say that I was very decieved by him: I found him arrogant, grumpy, self-complimenting.
People are not always what you think they are.
It is not because he is very talented that he can permit himself to say that a 14 year old who plays the 1st Ballade by Chopin not in a perfect way makes 'noise, not music'.
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Who the heck is Richard Raymond? The Congressman from Texas?


He looks like the chick who played Helena in the BBC's version of A Midsummer Night's Dream"...and she was ugly.

In other words...don't feel bad about it, particularly if a politician and a poet with the same name come before him on a google. :)
He's an amazing teacher...I'm sorry to hear that he offended you; it's too bad that so many amazing teachers are assholes.
I think he is an amazing pianist, but I have spoken with many of his students and most of them can't stand him.
Are you one of his students?
No, I study in Cleveland with Paul Schenly. I have seen Raymond teach in master classes, and have spoken to some of his students...I also have friends who studied with him at Orford. The General consensus is that he is a great pianist and an inspiring teacher, but a complete ass.
I agree with the general consensus :)
:lol: thanks
who the hell's richard raymond? sounds like a pompous ass to me. giving a good master class takes style- just cutting down a young student is nothing but pompous preening and teaches NOTHING. yuck. my condolences.
he's actually quite well known, and the master class I saw of him was excellent--not a hint of rudeness or arrogance--it disappoints me to hear that he can be like that.
Thanks for your support :)
I don't know who he is either, but the comment he made sounds like empty criticism. Chances are he was just having a grumpy day. I wouldn't take it too personally .. instead, try to see the ways in which he may have been trying to help. Even the words of the greats need to be taken with a grain of salt.

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