ampersand725 (ampersand725) wrote in tuesday_recital,

first time posting

Hello all-

I've been playing piano since I was 5 (I'm now 22). I recently graduated from a liberal arts college with a degree in Music. I'm now entering grad school for physics and am also planning on auditioning for private piano lessons from the faculty at the University.

I have many concerns though.

I've just come from 4 years of intense practice, preparation and performance and I fear I may be feeling burn out. I don't plan on ever making piano performance my career, but I love playing. I love pushing myself to learn more and marvelling at what I can do with a keyboard. But lately, I just feel pressured and stressed about practicing, just pushing myself. I've thought about stopping lessons for a bit, but I need someone to give me feedback and help me refine pieces I'm working on. '

Also, I get horrible stage fright. The worst case of nerves ever.

I've read "The Art of Practicing" by Madeline Bruser, but I was wondering if anyone has any tips or advice for either problem (burn out/ stage fright).
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